Useful Links for Cardiac SSI Prevention and Surveillance

OneTogether is a partnership between leading professional organisations with an interest in the prevention of surgical site infection (SSI). The founding partners are:

The partnership is a quality improvement collaborative which aims to promote and support the adoption of best practice to prevent SSI throughout the patient’s surgical journey. We seek to provide resources that make the evidence for practice to prevent SSI accessible to those involved in caring for surgical patients.


Resources created by the OneTogether partnership can be freely downloaded from our website: 

OneTogether is proudly sponsored by

The website has a public area which is open access but there are parts of the website which are only accessible to IPS members

The National Cardiac Benchmarking Collaborative (NCBC) is a UK-wide collaborative of NHS Specialist Cardiac Centres. Formed in 2006, the aim of the NCBC is to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of cardiac services, through: regular benchmarking and comparison of cardiac services identifying, sharing and learning from best practice working in collaboration to reduce unnecessary variation.

Please click on logo for link to The Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain and Ireland (SCTS)


Also includes Cardiothoracic Forum (SCTS CT Forum)


SCTS CT Forum Aims


  • To increase nursing profile within the Cardiothoracic surgical speciality, the cardiac arena and general nursing and allied health professional at local land national level.

  • To increase Associate membership of the SCTS.

  • To develop the forum at the annual meeting.

  • To further develop and maintain the nurses’ page on the website.

  • To promote collaborative way forward for the patient pathway and erode divisions of the delivery of care.

  • To take an active role to help steer workforce changes.

  • To improve communication between centres, specifically nurses, surgical care practitioners and allied health professional.

  • To promote sharing of developments, innovation, and new ways of working

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