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"Sharing best practices to reduce the incidence of cardiac SSI, and together developing and spreading innovation in surveillance."


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 Webinar: Using Digital Images in Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Surveillance


If you missed this Webinar, you can still watch here the full recorded session:



Covid 19 has brought with it new ways of service delivery and innovative solutions for increasing patient participation. Whether you are considering quality improvement initiatives like the Photo at Discharge or wondering about the role of SSI apps in surveillance strategies, this free webinar will be of interest. Over 7 sessions (approx. 15 minutes each), hear from the UK’s leading experts on using digital images in SSI surveillance and find out more about how AI/machine learning can improve image quality.

   Sessions and Speakers:

  • Introduction - Melissa Rochon

  • Using Photographs to Diagnose SSI - our experiences within the DRESSINg study - Joshua Totty

  • Self-taken images of surgical wounds. Development and evaluation of a method for obtaining patient-generated images for remote SSI assessment - Rhiannon Macefield

  • Remote follow-up methods in European & Global randomised trials - James Glasbey

  • BREAK - Open Session Q&A

  • Wound Image Outcome Data in a Randomised Controlled Trail investigating Wound Healing in Closed Trauma Wounds of the Lower Limb - WHiST - Wound Healing in Surgical Trauma - Ria Betteridge

  • Can a smartphone-delivered tool facilitate the assessment of surgical site infection and result in earlier diagnosis? Tracking Wound Infection with Smartphone Technology (TWiST): a randomised-controlled trial in emergency surgery patients - Kenneth McLean

  • AI for enhanced image quality - James Jurkiewicz

  • Wrap Up - End

Cardiac SSI Network Aims:

  • Create through collaboration, a central online resource focused on cardiac SSI reduction and dedicated to sharing frontline examples of improving patient experience, safety and outcomes;


  • Promote cardiac services as a leading discipline for innovation and spread of initiatives to reduce SSI;


  • Share learning from frontline examples, encouraging efficient and effective surveillance in SSI reduction, and;


  • Develop a multidisciplinary network and collaborative approach for adult and paediatric cardiac surgical and cardiology invasive devices to reduce the incidence of infection.


To submit a project or poster email info@cardiacssinet.com with attachment and short summary.


To post comments, ask questions or request surveys, register as a Member on the ONLINE FORUM.

News and Opinion pieces are warmly invited. Email proposal or piece to info@cardiacssinet.com.

Bi-Annual Cardiac SSI Network Meetings (June and December)


Our London-based meetings offer roundtable discussions of adult and paediatric cardiac SSI, and presentations are a mix of case-studies, innovation, trends and SSI surveillance topics.


This is a forum to collectively review and comment on research and national initiatives to reduce the incidence of SSI.


If you are a healthcare professional with an interest in SSI surveillance in cardiac surgery or implant devices we would be delighted to hear from you!

Email info@cardiacssinet.com to sign up (free places are limited).

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